TOP 10 Pro Players Tactics for CODM

№1: Always reload with a cover : I have seen so many new players reloading without a cover or just running around from place to place without a cover, due to this the enemies can easily target you. Take a look out one of the best player in CODMobile , iFreg, look how he always reloads with a cover and avoid pointless shots. ( Link for the video )

№2: You + Gunfights + Cover = 100% Winner : I cannot stress on this on, gentlemen when you are taking on an opponent always remember to take a cover and then shoot, if you don’t have a cover, it’s okay for your teammates with better cover to do the job. Always remember to become the best player you must bring out best in your teammates. I have observed pro players very closely, and I m always amazed by how they take their opponents down so quickly and calmly.Take a loot at this screenshot: ( Link for the video )

№3: Practice Slide Jumping around corners : If there was no slide in this game, many players would struggle (let’s just get real). Sliding + Jumping is one of the skills you MUST master if you want to survive at LEGENDARY rank. Players are quick and always sliding, with there accuracy and movement skills they are able to secure kills easily. Take a look at this gif:( Link for the video )

№4: Try 3 or 4 fingers claw setup : I and you are very well aware that there might some really AWESOME thumbs player out there, but that doesn’t mean we can’t argue about the fact that 4 finger claw system has a elite advantage against thumbs only player. If you are just starting or trying to adapt this setup, good for you. If you are skeptical of your abilities then don’t worry about, your brain is an adaptable machine. You can improve a lot. Take a look at this screenshot, it’s from NoahFromYoutube — Mobile, he plays on iPad ( Link for the video ), he is an offical CoDMobile partner, go check out his channel: Link.

№5: Pay Attention to the MiniMap : The mini map is the single MOST essential part of this game. Make sure you scale that bad boy up to 150ish. The mini map helps a lot when you are trying to increase your game senses. The mini map helps you to locate the enemies and give necessary calls to your teammates. But there might be a problem counter UAV is up :P. Image Courtesy.

№6: Low HP ? Take a COVER : There is this tendency we all have to finish what we started unless you are lazy like me ( HIGH-FIVE, from a distance, don’t wanna get up). This tendency is observable when you are fighting an opponent and you get massacre but you still want to kill your opponent. This is your no.1 mistake you should fix first, taking a cover, healing up, and then taking on the fight can be beneficial because you might encounter two opponents instead of one, and then you can just kill them with your restored HP. Don’t be like this guy: Image Courtesy

№7: In a building, place that TROPHY SYSTEM NOW!

Trophy system is such a MVP when it comes to defending yourself from bombs and missiles. This baby is so good when I first unlocked I thought I would never need it but boy, I was wrong. This baby is so useful in domination, hardpoint and search destroy, you just place in somewhere near the capture point, and enemies can’t throw their bombs or missile ( doesn’t work against Hunter Killer Drone ) you. If you are using a sniper from a building or a shack and then placing down a trophy system will actually save your sniping career and unlock those scorestreaks faster. Image courtesy

№8: Never Tunnel vision : What I mean by tunnel vision is that don’t focus on one side of the map, it’s pretty natural for us to look for more in one direction than look in several directions. Top legendary players are always checking flanks ( sides ) to make sure they aren’t snooped on. Always always check your flanks after you secure a kill, this skill might take some time to get good at, but it’s the most essential one.

№9 is stupid, if you are using laser sight I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Just kidding, it is good only if you use hip fire a lot.

№10: Move sideways more: Top players have their movement skills at a elite level. Always try to move sideways than moving front and back because doing so, the enemy will still be able to lock on you and hit you, but if you move sideways he has keep moving his crosshair and he might end up having a bad crosshair placement.

Tips Courtesy : BobbyPlays , iFreg

I m a passionate coder who occasionally share the joy of writing. I write articles about programming, gaming, and psychology. Thank you for following :)

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