My experience of Capgemini Interview 2020

31 August (Online Test) / 5 Sept (Interview)

Hello readers, today I m going to share my Capgemini interview process right from round 1 till the interview round.

Syllabus for Capgemini 2020 was a bit different than last time:

Step 1 to Step 4 had following details:

  • Pseudo Code (30 Questions in 30 Mins)
  • English Communication Test (30 Questions in 30 Mins)
  • Aptitude Test(Game Based) (4 Games in 20–24 Mins)
  • Behavioral Competency Profiling (100 Questions in 20 Mins)

Step 1: The Pseudo Code section was easy, nothing too difficult. Questions were based on recursion, functions, bit arrays, and time and space complexity. Cut off was above 15 Questions.

Step 2: The English Communication Test was slightly boring, in my opinion, it had few questions related to comprehension, fill in the blanks, correct the sentence, and analogy.

Step 3: The Aptitude Test (Game Based) was the easiest of all since it was very interesting and interactive. It had a few sections:

  1. Deductive Logical Thinking(Geo-Sudo)
  2. Inductive-logical Thinking
  3. Grid Challenge
  4. Motion Challenge
  5. Switch Challenge
  6. Digit Challenge

Deductive Logical Thinking was like Sudoku, so if you have played sudoku before then this section would be very easy for you. I completed till level 6–7 until the time run out.

Inductive-logical Thinking was where I had to find a pair of figures that follow the same rule as given by a pair in question. I completed 9–10 tasks until the time run out.

Before every level in Grid Challenge, there was a screen where I had to memorize the blinking pattern of circles. In the grid challenge, I had to check if two grids were identical and remembering the position of coordinates in a grid. This was slightly tough for me.

Motion Challenge was where I had the most fun, this challenge involves finding a path between two points in the maze in the least steps as possible. I completed till 6–7 level until the time run out.

Switch Challenge was like matching shapes but the shapes could be rotated, skewed, magnified, etc. This should be the easiest among the 6 challenges.

Digit Challenge was for math nerds, a mathematical operation needs to be solved, by using a few available digits only once.

Today i.e. September 5, 2020, was my HR and Technical Interview. I had been allotted 4:30 PM –5:30 PM time slot. I could only give the Technical Interview not the HR interview because there was an issue with the superset platform(which is where the interviews were gonna held). Many students across had faced similar issues and weren’t able to give interviews.

Despite the hard work they tried solving as many issues as they can from their end, unfortunately, I and one of my friends couldn’t give an HR interview.

My technical interview was like a casual talk (or maybe this is why I didn’t get an HR interview lol), the Interviewer was cool, he asked about the:

  • Projects that I have done
  • Cloud Technology (where I messed up)
  • OOPS concept

In the end, he asked whether I would like to ask him a question about Capgemini.

On the last note I’d like to tell you guys a thing, don’t move your neck or if your pen falls down (DON’T PICK IT UP), I had received a news later on that day that some girl lost her chance because she bent down to pick her pen. This incident had happened to me, but fortunately I didn’t bent picked it up.

Anyways, I hope y’all get a good job, Thank you for reading :)

I m a passionate coder who occasionally share the joy of writing. I write articles about programming, gaming, and psychology. Thank you for following :)

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