Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

I was amazed by the AI of generating text that we humans write and sometimes even better. So, I had recently waiting to be accepted in Open AI GPT 3 beta and to my delight, I was accepted.

I really like to automate stuff mostly because I m lazy but also there’s curiosity about whether a robot can do better?

If you don’t know about GPT 3, it's an AI / ML model used for doing mainly text-related stuff like chatbots, QnA…

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Looking for some kick-ass learning resources?

Check out these resources:


List of Free Learning Resources In Many Languages

Most influential books for programmers


Develop knowledge and skills at your own pace through sequential learning experiences that include articles, codelabs, quizzes, and videos.

A rich list of resources of complete web development with essentials like CSS, animations, frameworks (angular, react for now), etc.


Learn TV a 24/7 live video network from the experts that built them Microsoft developer.

Hundreds of technical videos are provided by Microsoft. There are lots of videos on .NET, …

I love Python for its simplicity but a few days ago I was wondering,

Who was the genius behind this beautiful programming language?

When was the first version ever released?

Why was Python created in the first place?

So let us research together.

Python’s implementation was started in December 1989 by Guido van Rossum as a successor to ABC capable of exception handling. He was working in the Amoeba distributed operating system group at CWI and needed a better way to do system administration than by writing either C programs or Bourne shell scripts.

I developed it mostly on an…

Python is a high-level language that first appeared in February 1991; 30 years ago and the recently had released 3.9.6 a few days ago.

CPython is the default and most widely used implementation of the Python language.

CPython is the original Python implementation. It happens to be implemented in C. It compiles your Python code into bytecode (transparently) and interprets that bytecode in an evaluation loop.

CPython is also the first to implement new features; Python-the-language development uses CPython as the base; other implementations follow.

So why is CPython written in C and not Python?

The answer is located in…

Chess is an amazing strategy-based game and if you have been following the recent boom of online chess then welcome to the chess club.

Online chess is amazing since it allows you to play with a random stranger at your level or stockfish (computer).

There are many popular online chess websites like,,, and newly created

Today we will be seeing how to use API for getting players' stats. You can create software and get affiliates from them (check out the link below), so share it with them if you are planning to create something.


A look into the pre-release in Python 3.10

Python 3.10 is around the corner and if you want to download the pre-release version of Python 3.10 then head to the link or check out the references at the end of the article.

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So, there are few new things added to Python, and if you want to check all of them out head to this link. But here are the two features that I really like:

Structural Pattern Matching

The match statement first evaluates the subject expression. If a comma is present a tuple is constructed using the standard rules. This has a similar structure as the switch case.

This looks like…

I had never heard of Clockify before, thanks for sharing this information.

Create Your Own YouTube video and Playlist Downloader using QT designer in Python

This is the thing we are trying to make today for this article

The code for this software is available on my GitHub, the link is given below.

If you haven’t checked out my previous article on the same topic but not the GUI version, please check it out.

So before starting to code let's check if you have all the requirements beforehand:


  1. Qt designer
  2. Anaconda or mini conda or python 3.7 compiler
  3. Any text editor of your choice

Libraries to download:

  1. Pytube
  2. Ffmpy
  3. PyQt5

This would be sectioned into the following structure:

  1. Creating the UI in Qt designer
  2. Converting UI file into Python file
  3. Creating relevant functions

Creating the UI in Qt designer

After opening Qt designer…

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Have you guys ever wanted to download your entire YouTube playlist?

Finding yourself frustrated with those YouTube downloaders and downloading your videos one by one is annoying.

Well, if you have been following my articles, you know that I really love Python and today we’ll be writing a script to download the entire playlist in mp4 and audio format.

You can download videos or the entire playlist in mp4 or mp3 format with the methods mentioned below.

First thing first pre-requirements:

  1. Anaconda/MiniConda (Python version 3.7)
  2. Any text editor of your choice

1. Download YouTube playlist in mp4 format

Step 1: Install the pytube package using the following command.

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